Born in the Midwest and raised in Rochester, NY, Marye trotted the globe in search for inspiration and purpose. After listening to sounds and taking in the culture of Ireland, Norway, Brazil, Argentina and Chile, she found herself singing songs and playing guitar in New York City clubs. With her Quaker and Buddhist ideals at heart, she put herself through school at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. Upon graduation, she released Finding Home in response to her travels. After living in New York City for a few years she released NOT AT WAR and did a national tour to celebrate the work.

She is now based in Brooklyn but is often traveling to perform all over New York State, the USA and world. Marye Lobb is a solo event singer, director of the Brazilian Jazz Band and her songs have been placed in film projects in China, Mexico and the USA to date!

You will often find her running in Prospect Park or taking a hike in upstate New York on the Finger Lakes Trail or in the Catskill Mountains. Bird watching is also a favorite activity and a theme in album #3 – “Top of the Trees.” Working in collaboration with producer Luis Guzman the album will be ready soon! Stay tuned!


“An artist has a responsibility. 

to listen to the world around him or herself. 

to take it in and comprehend the complexity to the best of his or her ability.


An artist has a responsibility. 

to be honest. 

art, in its truest form, has no hidden agenda – it is there to breathe, to speak, to merely exist.


An artist has a responsibility. 

to create a positive message. 

to propose a solution, radical or simple as it may be – to serve the greater good.” 

-Marye Lobb 2011