full length concert with Q&A in Puerto Montt Chile

I have been teaching music for over 5 years and am a passionate music educator. I have conducted masterclasses all over the globe (in English and Spanish) and love the opportunity to share my experience and expertise with those who are looking to learn more about music & entrepreneurship.

Topics & formats include: songwriting form, lyric writing, vocal technique, learning to sing and play at the same time, fundraising for indie artists, learning songs for life, making an album and any other music topics that may be of interest to you. I also perform full length concerts with Q&A sessions at the end for students.

To book a masterclass at your college, school, company, club, non-profit or organization please email me directly at maryelobb@gmail.com

masterclass on songwriting form at a Montesorri School in Puerto Montt ChileIMG_3697