I am proud to announce the release of a new song wrote in collaboration with my dear friend Immaculate Knyte & Mol-Puzzle Beats. Immaculate Knyte just released his first EP and this is one of the four tracks. I also sang backup vocals on the song: “Which Way.” Immaculate Knyte is a prolific hip-hop artist who begins his songs as poems and ends with soulful anthems that uplift your day, bring meaning to your life decisions and soothe your deepest sorrows. A NYC artist, Immaculate Knyte is a backpack rapper¬†– rap with a conscience. It is an honor and pleasure to work with someone as talented as Immaculate Knyte – but more than that – he is a wonderful person who acts with integrity and cares deeply for those around him. ¬†Yahoo Immaculate Knyte! Can’t wait for the next song collaboration!