Tonight was the night that I released my second album: NOT AT WAR. There were months and months of preparation leading up to it so I felt good.  I performed with my band at the Legion Bar in Brooklyn.  My band mates included: Lavondo Thomas (bass), George Saenz (cajon), Evan Lidestri (vocals and hand percussion) and Marie Kim (cello). Legion Bar is not pretentious place, it has an “anything goes” feel and our audience was engaged and enthusiastic.  We danced and celebrated the occasion afterwards.  It was a good party – a damn good party!  I honestly can’t believe it finally happened!  These songs have meant so much to me in terms of personal growth in my  life and I am so thrilled to be putting them out into the world in hopes that the songs will help others in their daily lives.  Art gives meaning to our lives – I truly believe that.