On Friday April 29th at 6pm I was lucky enough to be interviewed by JA the DJ on his incredible show: “Sounds of the City” on 96.7 WERA Arlington. This experience was a week before my performance at a DC area House Concert. John Amhad, also known as JA the DJ asked some insightful questions about my career, the experience of creating all three of my albums, my connection to the DC area, my upcoming tour and my love of house concerts and much more! John was generous enough to play one song from each of my albums: Finding Home, NOT AT WAR and my newest release Top of the Trees. My interview and music was in the middle of his two hour jazz and blues show that highlighted female singers and one of my heroes: Ella Fitzgerald. If you are a jazz and blues fan – you will love listening to this show. John is an amazing curator of music and fantastic interviewer. Click this link to hear the replay!