1. Iceberg

From the recording Iceberg

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Words & Music by Marye Lobb
Produced by Marye Lobb
Mixed & Mastered by Michael Jack

Executive Producers:
Vicki & Tom Finnefrock
Andrew Roderick
Zelda G Lotz
Jean Lusky
James Lobb
Rachel McGuire
Sue Rose
Jennifer Sherman
Jason Cloen
Michelle O'Connor
Allison Nichols
Lia Goldman Miller
Jerry Rzatkiewicz
Edwin Cole


This is not all black and white
It would be easier if I didn’t love you
This is not predator and prey
because in my mind I pray you find your way

May you find some rest
May you get a break from the
demons that keep you wide awake

Here is my head there is my heart
And in between lies the ocean
Like an iceberg snapping a-part
Its all too late to stop the motion

I need some time
I gotta stop the clock
look around me remember what I’m not

I had to drift away and break apart because your
cruel words they shattered my heart

Maybe someday when all the ice is melted
We will see where it all fell apart
Im getting tired so I gotta break the habit of
forcing together what is not

that’s why I let you go
Why I let you go
I was drowning trying to keep it all afloat

Thats why I let this go
Why I let it go
I love myself more than excuses not to grow

And I wanna
Oh I wanna